Nice Lactose Free resource, Segmented Gateway

One issue companies face is to communicate with specific groups of consumers, but to keep this discrete from other groups who may view the information as  confusing or even as a negative positioning for the brand.

A good example of this is Alpro,  who has created a good on-line resource for  people who think they might need to avoid lactose or go dairy free, without presenting the brand as medicinal or pseudo-medicinal to the general public- who are only just coming to terms with Alpro as a mainstream choice.

By using a “segmented gateway” to the Alpro Lactose free pages,  only those vistors who have specifically searched for lactose or dairy free, (or been directed from a relevant site) will see the resource. Visitors who enter via the home page or recipe pages will not normally see this content (unless they have previously visited it).


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